We checked Sherry in at Methodist Neurosensory Surgical Center as ordered at 8:45 this morning. At about 12:30 pm., Dr. Soparkar came to tell us that Dr. Alford had taken ill and could not operate. They put in a call to another ENT who agreed to do the operation, but he can’t work her in until “the end of the day.”

In the meantime, Dr. Soparkar gave instructions to keep her as pain free as possible as she waits. So, she’s hooked to an IV; lying in pre-op; drifting in and out; and waiting.

That’s where we stand for now.

[They succeeded in contacting Dr. Terry Taylor who’s agreed to do the part Dr. Alford had planned to do. Dr. Taylor is not an ENT, but is an oral surgeon who specializes in maxillofacial surgery.]