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How Long a Putin Stooge

Has been in the White House

970 days 9 hours 31 minutes 39 seconds

Strange times unfold before our very eyes. There is a madman in the White House, and he’s waging a full scale attack on our democratic institutions and values. Things like rule of law, truth, honor, civility and integrity, for instance. So we try to keep up with the news.

Volkswagen Bug

One of my favorite memories of driving a "Bug." Running out of gas, but then coasting into the next gas station. One of my WORST memories of driving a "Bug." Stepping on the brake only to find the entire pedal assembly falling over like a line of...

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Reaper Bookmarks

Some bookmarks I've collected. Most have to do with Reaper (Digital Audio Work Station).     Recording from Scratch Getting Started Drum Loops Bass Guitar Acoustic & Electric Guitars Virtual Instruments Vocals Mixing from Scratch The Static Mix Mix Buss...

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Nice Recording

I like this sound; recorded on the TASCAM DP008EX.

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I thought she was a goner . . .