Lancet Commission on Public Health

by Mar 12, 2021Politics

From “The Lancet” – The premier British medical journal examined Trump’s conduct. The  Lancet Commission on Public Policy and Health examined Trump’s actions and assessed their impact on public health. Among the actions by Trump cited by the commission are that he:

Politicised and repudiated science, leaving the USA unprepared and exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic
Eviscerated environmental regulation, hastening global warming
Incited racial, nativist, and religious hatred, provoking vigilante and police violence
Denied refuge to migrants fleeing violence and oppression, and abused immigrant detainees
Undermined health coverage
Weakened food assistance programmes
Curtailed reproductive rights
Undermined global cooperation for health, and triggered trade wars
Shifted resources from social programmes to military spending and tax windfalls for corporations and the wealthy
Subverted democracy both nationally and internationally



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