Sam & Bill Byrd; Jane and Daddy Forbes – July 1959

by Mar 27, 2021Family

A gathering of the Forbes Family, believed by Betty Millican Barnes to be in Daddy Forbes’s back yard. She also indicated she believed it was a birthday gathering for Uncle Joe. An obituary, though, indicates that Uncle Joe died in June, 1959. The picture is dated by the photo-finisher as July, 1959.  It’s possible the film wasn’t processed until after he had died.

In the back from left to right — Sam Byrd, unindentiied woman (Vicky Millican Wagner?), Solomon Harris Forbes (back turned); two women on glider (the one on the right may be Jane Forbes.); Billie Millican Billings (in white dress?)

The five children in the foreground are Billy Byrd, Stanley Forbes, & Gary Kuykendall. In front is Randy Byrd and Tina Billings (in Gary’s lap).

For a larger view, click here.


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