$350 Studio?

by Apr 23, 2018Music


Not sure about this; and I know the items are pricier now than when this guy recorded this; but for what it’s worth, here it is.


Audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo:  $99 (Has 1 Mic Preamp. and 2nd Input for guitar, keyboard, mic, etc. Has headphone jack.) Records at high sample rates.


Software: Abelton Lite comes with the Scarlett; and with Protools First. Use Protools for free with the Scarlett.


Mic: Samson C01 Microphone $79


Mic Stand: Tripod with boom stand


Mic cable XLR – Sweetwater (ProCo)


Head Phones: KRK KNS6400  – $99


Pop Filter: $19