Coming to Houston

by Nov 2, 2016Story-Telling

Back in 1998, we were invited by Houston Baptist University to come to Houston.



She received her call on Monday, June 29, and they flew the two of us down on Wednesday, July 1, 1998. They made their offer to hire on Thursday, July 2nd; then on Friday, July 3rd (back in Conway), she called them to accept.

She moved to Houston on July 21 (or 22nd). Then Sam and I left Conway on Sunday night, August 16, arriving at our new home at around 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning (August 17).

Our first Sunday (August 23) I attended the early morning service at Epiphany; then took the family to  the mid-morning service at St. Stephen’s. Our second Sunday (August 30), we all three attended St. Mark’s. Then, our third Sunday (September 6), we walked in Palmer for the first time.

I had set out that third Sunday to “double-dip” like I did on our first Sunday. That is I planned to hit an early morning service at one church; then a mid-morning service at another one. In searching for Trinity, however, I lost my way and wound up arriving AFTER their early service had begun.

I chose then to visit Palmer which was just down the street a couple of miles. When I got there, the 9 o’clock had already started; but a parishioner who was sitting on the patio told me I had time to go get my family and make it back in time for the 11. So we did. We had not been sitting in our pew five minutes, when Sam tugged my shirt sleeve and said, “This is where I want to go to church.”