St. Bede’s Family Service

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404At 9:08 in St. Bede’s Chapel we wonder if anyone other than the core team of worship leaders will show up for the 9:15 Family Service. Then, in a matter of minutes, we have a crowd of probably 75. Babies being babies, mothers chasing toddlers, crayons hitting the floor, runs to the restrooms, and fine piano playing. The chaos, commotion, fellowship, love, and devotion we witness are almost more FUN than my heart can stand. I LOVE that place!

The priest calls the children forward to sit on the floor for conversation. Yes, instead of preaching, the homilies at the Family Service tend to be conversations. The children raise their hands, offer their comments and questions. And the priest often calls on the children to answer questions.

“Who knows who Abraham is?” asks the priest.

And eager hand shoots up. This child knew his Bible stories. “The sixteenth president of the United States,” came the answer. It takes us only a minute to stop laughing and get back to business.
The children do the readings, and serve as acolytes. They LOVE to pass the offering plate and march the plates to the altar. Then, the priest invites the entire congregation to gather around the altar table for Communion. Some of the children prop their chins on the altar and watch the priest’s every move. It is a most precious sight.

After the Eucharist, the music leader brings out a box of percussion instruments and the children clamor for a drum, tambourine, shaker, or bell. Then we all join in a rousing chorus of “Go Now in Peace,” to the bells, drums, rattles, and hand clapping, and sometimes a bit of dance.

The joyful hearts of these children and of their young parents (and grandparents too) tell me that the Love of God is alive and well in St. Bede’s Chapel. Come and see.

A mother approached me after church this morning and told me that her son (4 years-old) says he wants to help with the collection plate and the lighting of the altar candles.

Pardon me while I catch my breath and say my eternal prayers of Thanksgiving.

It seems like only last year that little boy was in diapers and clinging to his mother’s ankles. Now he’s asking to be put to work. The boy wants to do ministry.


God’s love is real and alive, and this little boy GETS it.

Son, YOU’VE got a job!


St. Bede’s Family Service

by May 9, 2016Church

St. Bede’s Family Service

by May 9, 2016Church0 comments