Reminds me of once when some of the older boys broke up a fight I was in and said, ”Let’s settle it in the ring.”

So, they made us put on boxing gloves and we began to fight…..the older boys acted as referee; breaking us up when we got in a clutch, etc…..

Then, my opponent tripped me and pounced on me while I was down.

The older boys then shouted ”NO RULES!!!!!”

So, I rolled the guy over; pinned him down with my knees. Took off my glove and used my bare knuckles to smash his face like a pumpkin.

Suddenly, they wanted to bring back the rules. 


Doss’s challenge

Take up any political topic; you choose.

I’ll either agree with you or disagree.

Here are the rules:

1) First one to refuse to answer a question loses.

2) First one to go personal loses.

3) First one to name-call loses.

4) First one to resort to a logical fallacy loses.