How Is the Obama Economy? Let’s ask some right wingers!

<B>5084 PM: Dwightvol [Quote] — 7:43am — Sat, Mar 5, 16 pst
Here’s a shocker for you. My family business as you call it just about doubled it’s income in 3 yrs..

5609 PM: Dino [Quote] — 1:51pm — Fri, Apr 24, 15 pst
Wished I were young and making the money I make now.

5611 PM: Mwjohnson [Quote] — 1:52pm — Fri, Apr 24, 15 pst
GOOM…I am making more money than I ever have.

715 PM: Sunnybelle [Quote] — 6:14am — Sun, May 3, 15 pst
I’m making more money than ever my friend . . .</B>