We took Sherry in to see Dr. Soparkar today, and he did the work on her eyelid. They deadened her eye area with a salve much like a dentist would do your gum before bringing in the needle.

I watched the whole thing, but not too closely. He put in several stitches inside her lower eyelid on the outside corner, which pulled the lid up and over to the outside a bit. This brought it back in line with where it belongs; and got rid of the bit of “droop” she had going on there. Plus, it turned the lid back upright rather than hanging sort of inside out like it was doing.

She’s resting, and trying to get back to her normal self; and she’ll skip her arm/elbow/shoulder therapy for a few days as she recuperates.

Thanks again to all who write, pray, send their best wishes, and their love. We both appreciate your kindness and thoughfulness.