Two doctor visits today. First — Dr. Taylor says Sherry’s doing great — bite works — jaw works — looks good. I LIKE this guy! And I like his wife too. (More on that later.)

Dr. Gabel, though, has concerns. She has way too much scarring and swelling still going on in her hand. Dr. Gabel got on the phone right there in the examining room and discussed treatments with Sherry’s therapist, Dianne.

He shot her with two BIG long needles of cortisone. Sherry looked a little bit like she was going to — uh — get red in the face.

Her fractures are healing up wonderfully. She needs range of motion work in her shoulder. AND MOST of ALL, she needs to work her hand back into shape.

Pray for Sherry’s continued healing. Use of her hand — restoration of her eye lids; flex of her elbow and shoulder….relief of pain — return to free movement and dexterity.