1:45pm – It’s been almost two days now since Sherry’s visit to the Neurosensory Surgical Center at Methodist Hospital.

Today she slept in and was still in bed when I got home from church. The Third-Graders at Palmer were already working on this “Get Well” poster for Sherry when I arrived. So sweet.

Sherry’s been resting and sleeping; taking a bit of nourishment; and is right now sitting in front of a canvas painting left handed.

Her pain comes and goes, depending on how much she moves around and how long it’s been since her last pain pill. She looks better; her face is symmetric again; but she still has bruises, and now her cheek is swollen following her surgery.

She’s not in the mood for visitors, but really enjoys emails, cards and letters. She appreciates all the love and support offered by her many friends, and I appreciate it too.