We took Sherry in to see Dr. Key at Methodist, and he gave her a clean bill of health on the condition of her eye; but noted that she needed extra help with the multiple fractures of her orbit and face. He got us in to see Dr. Charles Soparkar within an hour.

Dr. Soparkar looked at her emergency room CT scans and suggested surgery to repair the multiple fractures. He set us up to see a second “mid-face” surgeon (Dr. Eugene Alford) to handle the cheekbone repair.

Dr. Soparkar’s explanation is that the fracturing of the cheek structure and its subsequent dislocation inward toward her nose and eye had shattered the orbital floor. This left her with a “flat” cheek on that side of her face, and with nothing but the displaced cheekbones supporting her eyeball.

The plan is for Dr. Alford to repair the fractured maxillary sinus and zygomatic arch; and to rotate the entire structure back into its proper location; which then, leaves nothing to support her eyeball.

Dr. Soparkar will then place a synthetic bone in to replace her shattered orbital floor. This then will become a part of her as the tissue grows into the synthetic bone. All of this surgery will be done on November 4.