We Dodged a Bullet!

Randal Byrd | August 31, 2017 | Storytelling

Sunday morning after Hurricane Harvey. Chef Joel St. John sent this picture. It looks like he was standing in front of his kitchen window. We were in Trinidad, Colorado.

We dodged a bullet! This picture was sent to us at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. It was taken by our across the street neighbors. Our neighborhood became a river and a lake. Not one drop of water, though, entered our home or garage, and our AC was fine too. What a relief!

We made the decision Friday morning. We would rather evacuate and NOT get flooded than NOT evacuate and GET flooded. Besides, I was wanting to go to Colorado anyway.

We went around the house and raised what we could. We built a shelf out of milk crates and 2 x 4’s and stacked Sherry’s paintings. Guitars, up on beds. Etc., etc.

We finally pulled away at 1:15 pm. Then we got stuck in a horrendous traffic jam at New Waverly.

We stopped and there was no gasoline, and no bags of ice. But they did fill our cooler for us for the price of two bags of ice.

We spent the night in Vernon, TX after not being able to get a room in Wichita Falls (There was a bike race, and all the motels were booked.).

Then, we arrived in Trinidad, Colorado on Saturday around 4:30 pm. We booked into a Days Inn (very nice room). Rested a bit; and then went shopping.

We got up and had breakfast Sunday morning (There is no Episcopal Church in Trinidad.). Then we hit the road.

We made it to Wichita Falls, TX, and checked into the Red Roof Inn there. Right across the street from the Super 8. We stayed there three nights. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, we headed back to Houston — no problems — no hitches — no high water. Not a bit of trouble.

And we returned to a clean, dry home. Not a drop of water got in!